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About Us

The Elliott Rescue is based out of Oak Ridge, Tennessee and we pull all of our rescue puppies and dogs from local kill shelters-mainly Campbell County Animal Shelter which is the directors home county.

The Elliott Rescue pulls any dogs or puppies that need a chance at a better life. From medical cases requiring expensive medical care to hospice cases that need a home to live out the rest of their days. From the smallest bottle fed litter of puppies to the 21 year old elderly senior dog. We love them all. 


I grew up in a small mountain town that didn't have a local animal shelter, where people would often dump litters of puppies half starved and covered in mange on the side of the road and at the garbage dump to die. My father and I would bring home every single dog we found, so we could nurse them back to health. It was always my dream to start my own animal rescue since I was 6 years old. So in 2018 I started The Elliott Rescue, a nonprofit rescue.

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