Hospice/Medical cases



Scooter was tossed out to die in a ditch, and picked up by our local shelter. We pulled him into our rescue on 7/12 and we are working on getting him healthy before he finds his forever family. Scooter was blind from a severe eye infection, and deaf from a severe ear infection. His skin was also covered in scabs, and missing most of his hair. Scooter is crate and house trained, and around 5 years old and ten pounds. He is a devoted chihuahua to his human, and a total lover. He is fully vetted, just working on getting more handsome for his future family. He loves car rides, and in true chihuahua fashion alerts you with barks when anyone comes to the door!


Bear came into the rescue on 1/5/22. He was taken to the shelter to euthanize. His elderly owner passed away so the family took him to the shelter to kill. Bear is about 17 years old and covered in fatty tumors. Over a dozen. Bear came to the rescue to live out his days surrounded by love and lots of good dog treats. He is the kindest old boxer and as a rescue, we are so lucky we get to share the rest of his days with him. 



Ernest was pulled into the rescue on 8/9/22. He was found as a severely neglected stray. Ernest is older and life hasn't been kind to him. He has infected cauliflower ears and his canine and front teeth are all completely worn down. On top of this he is positive for heartworms. Ernest is going to get treated for heartworms and get his ears taken care of and live out the rest of his days with us at The Elliott Rescue. He is already very loved by his foster who calls him "Ernie".