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Hospice/Medical cases


Betty was pulled from Campbell County Animal Shelter on 1/31/23. She was left by her owners to die after they moved away. She is around 15 years old and missing a lot of her hair. She is also partially blind due to cataracts. Don't let her age fool you, this gal is spunky and will follow you everywhere you go like a true devoted chihuahua.



Bear came into the rescue on 1/5/22. He was taken to the shelter to euthanize. His elderly owner passed away so the family took him to the shelter to kill. Bear is about 19 years old and covered in fatty tumors. Over a dozen. Bear came to the rescue to live out his days surrounded by love and lots of good dog treats. He is the kindest old boxer and as a rescue, we are so lucky we get to share the rest of his days with him. 

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